Dakota Potters Supply
Dakota Potters Supply
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We are working on updating our mold lists at this time.
We will add new lists as they are completed.
Take a look at all of the new molds listed on these
in-stock mold lists!!
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To View our New online
DPS Clay MSDS Sheets. ( In
PDF Form )  
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on 2-24-2020
We handle Mayco, Amaco, Laguna and Spectrum Glazes. For
prices please check our catalog link listed above. For Items for
these Companies not listed in our Catalog, you will find the
prices on the company's website.
(Link Page)
- Educators and Schools-
Please call for special discount pricing on all glazes and supplies.
Discontinuediscontinued paints Link, glazes & Specialty products from
Mayco, Amaco, Spectrum, Laguna & Kimple at 60 & 50 percent off at
end of discontinued list at bottom of page. New discontinued at 40% at
bottom of list.
Schools & Institutions call about everyday discounts on clays,
tools and glazes available to all schools and institutions.
Here are links to Mayco's Catalog and one to Price Sheet.
Closeout Special
Doc Holiday Acrylic Stains & Specialty Products 50% Off
In-stock only
New!!!! Here are pictures of
many of Dakota Potters
Supply Stoneware Glazes. We
will continue to update as
samples become available
Click Here to see.