Dakota Potters Supply
Below are links to many companies
that we either carry and support.
Starlite Molds

Carries: Dona's, Madein
Fire, Alberta's, Duncan
Classics, Scioto, TL Designs.
Here is a link to the
required sales tax form. Need only filled out once and sent in. If any changes
in the future please send in
new copy.
Magazine Links
Macky Molds
Carries:Macky, Arnel's, Alberta, Atlantic, Bil-Mar, Boothe, Byron,
Castle, Catskill, Ceramic Emporium, Crest, Davis, Fairy Princess,
Holland, Kansas, Kelly, KC Molds, Kimple, McRon, Mike's, Nancy,
Oasis, Ocean State, Power Design, Provincial, Sittre, TL Designs,
Western, Vicki, and Yozie.